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  • Do I get to keep my signs?
    Unfortunately, no. They are rentals. The only exceptions are certain upgrades that are advertised as keepsakes.
  • Do I install and take down the signs myself?
    No, we both install and remove the signs.
  • When will my signs be installed and removed?
    We typically install between 6pm and 10pm the evening before your event. We return at least 24 hours later to remove them.
  • How big will my display be?
    Almost every celebration is different. We always include enough to make your display full and beautiful. Please refer to picture galleries to see examples.
  • Can I get a picture of my design before the install?
    We do not provide mock up pictures, however, we are always happy to provide pictures of similar displays that we have previously done. We can also provide pictures of individual cards.
  • Exactly what time will you be here?
    We typically begin our route after 6pm each day. It is impossible to give an exact time due to many factors such as locations, wind, large rocks under ground, or dry ground. We can inform you when we are on the way if requested.
  • How do I reserve my celebration signs?
    Please submit the form under the Quote section and we will reply via email. Once the display is agreed upon, we will send an invoice for payment due no later than 48 hours before install. *Please keep in mind that your items are not reserved until payment is made. It is possible that someone else reserves the items or we may become booked for the day. The earlier you reserve, the better.
  • What do I need to do to prepare for my installation?
    Water! Water! Water! We just ask that you water your lawn.
  • Do I need to be home for my installation?
    No, you do not need to be home. However, if you would like your display in a specific place, please be sure to communicate this with us before the day of the installation.
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